Solutions to comply with

GSR 823(E)

and fight the problem of counterfeit

drugs in the Indian market


Protecting health from fake drugs 

In order to fight the problem of counterfeited drugs in the Indian market, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) issued the gazette GSR 823(E) on 17th November 2022 which came into force on August 1, 2023.


The regulatory demands to pharmaceutical manufacturers to affix a QR codes/barcode on the packaging of 300 drugs formulations specified in Schedule H2.


The situation

The highlight of GSR 823(E) regulatory is that from August 1, 2023, manufacturers of drug formulation products detailed in Schedule H2 shall print or affix a barcode or a code QR on their packaging.

The printing of a Barcode or a QR code is required on the primary packaging label (or in case of lack of space on the secondary package label) and need to include the following information:

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gsre gazette

            Unique product identification code;


Proper and generic name of the drug;


Brand name;


      Name and address of the manufacturer;


Batch number


Date of manufacturing


      Date of Expiry 


     Manufacturing license number


Enhancing drugs safety 

Due to the high volume of information that these kinds of codes must include in a very small space – the task of printing, checking and verifying them can be hard, and requires a high level of accuracy and flexibility.

To allow pharmaceutical industry in India to comply with GSR 823 (E) mandate, SEA Vision provides in-line and offline vision inspection software capable to ensure a high-speed reliable inspection. The high capabilities of the software enable manufacturers to perform even the most complex control:

•    recognizing codes in different formats, sizes and orientations
•    performing inspection independently from the surface’s backgrounds or light conditions
•    adapting to all packaging machines vendor’s models

qr code control
Example of QR code inspection on label made with Databox system


Solutions on show 

From 28 to 30 November,  SEA Vision team will be available at PMEC India (India Expo Center, Greater Noida, Delhi)  booth 10.C39 - to show off its solutions to ensure pharma companies in India meet the necessary requirements to comply with GSR 823(E)

Moreover at the booth, visitors will have the opportunity to experience firsthand:

•    a vision system for the quality inspection of solid dose products > discover harleblister
•    a  print&check machine for product traceability, equipped with a vision system for checking codes and data on cartons and cases > find out more about tracker system
•    a powerful platform made for scalability and full integration with existing IT environment/ERP/third-party traceability solutions, to enable the centralized management of packaging lines > explore yudoo's features.

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